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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

149 minutes of Tarantino Foot Fetish Confirmed!

"Atten Hut! Anyone seen my left pinky toe?"

Source: Variety

Ok, maybe not 149 minutes, but I bet there's a least one shot of someone's pinky toe in there. I'm ok with that, as long as it's not Pitt's, or even worse, Roth's. Tarantino has just confirmed that the official running time for Inglourious Basterds will be 149 minutes.

"We don't have any hair clippers, so we need to improvise."

Here's from the man himself - where he confirms an extra 1 minute of footage. That's right, 1 full minute. I know, amazing, huh.

Tarantino: I’ve heard these rumors that the studios told me to cut out 40 minutes. These are complete lies. The movie is actually a minute longer, in running time, than it was in Cannes. It was 2:28, without end credits, and now it’s 2:29, or 2:32 with end credits.

I added a sequence between where Mike Myers and Michael Fassbender discuss Operation Kino [the plot to blow up a theater as Joseph Goebbels and other Nazi brass watch a film], and the shootout scene in the basement tavern La Louisiane. In Cannes, we went from one to the other. I’d shot another scene, right before that, where Fassbender meets The Basterds, before they go to La Louisiane. That’s back.

Follow the link for the full article.

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