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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Watchmen Director's Cut Theatrical Re-Release Theater List

Source: Official Watchmen Site + First Showing

"Yeah, baby, Ackerman in BluRay."

Back in June it was confirmed that the extended Director's Cut of Zack Snyder's Watchmen would still be hitting movie theaters starting on Friday, July 17th, which is tomorrow. Unfortunately, it would only show in four theaters located in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New York City. For anyone living in those cities, great news, for everyone else, well, the Blu-Ray hits shelves next Tuesday.

Here are the theaters (and links to buy tickets) for this weekend:

Mann Chinese 6 in Los Angeles
Landmark Sunshine 5 in New York
Carmike Apple Valley 15 in Minneapolis
Rave Hickory Creek 16 in Dallas

"Are you kidding? These guys haven't seen a woman in years, of course they enjoy your foot in their asses."

I hope you take this opportunity to see Watchmen one more time in theaters, especially since word is the Director's Cut is actually a huge improvement over the original cut. I've been dying to see this one more time and I'm quite excited. Plus it's the best way to honor Zack and everything he was able to pull off with this. Otherwise, at least pick up the Blu-Ray on Tuesday!

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