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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Twitter Trend: #firstdraftmovies

Source: Slash Film

"Twitter: preferred time waster for millions of people around the globe."

This week on twitter a new internet meme has popped up called the First Draft Movies game. Basically everyone and anyone contributes by tweeting a famous or iconic movie line, as it could have appeared in the first draft of a screenplay (before a clever rewrite transformed it into the awesome line we know and love). Everyone tags their contributions with the hashtag #1stdraftmovies (or #firstdraftmovies), which has now become a trending topic on the microblogging service.

"God bless the little vixen."

I’m unable to trace the roots back to the person who started this as the twitter search only allows 100 pages of results, all of which are full of 1stdraftmovielines. I can tell you that over 1,500 lines have been contributed to the meme in the last 13 hours alone. (Update: William Goss informs me that it began as #1stdraftmovielines, which also has over 1,500 contributions in the last 14 hours)

Here are some examples from some people you know:

diablocody “What you just overheard was a total misunderstanding. Allow me to explain myself immediately.”

MiramaxFilms: “Tahoe, Baby. Tahoe” :-)

slashfilm “Next Saturday night, we’re sending you back to the 1985!”

So jump in, Tarsonites, and join the global conversation.