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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fear Agent Feature Film?

Source: IGN

Planet-hopping astronaut could be heading for big-screen.

Cult comic book property Fear Agent could be heading to cinema screens courtesy of Universal Pictures and Dark Horse Entertainment.

According to RiskyBizBlog, the picture is in the early stages of development, with the project currently out to writers, although a spec script owned by Air Force One producer Jonathan Shestack could result in his being brought on-board to oversee production.

"Up yours, alien scumbag!"

Story concerns a hard-drinking Texan astronaut - or fear agent - who travels the galaxy fighting alien threats to the planet earth. Rick Remender wrote the original comic book, which started out at Image Comics in 2005 before moving to Dark Horse the following year.

Dark Horse has previously been responsible for comic book adaptations Hellboy and 30 Days of Night, although the epic scope of Fear Agent could make this their most ambitious production yet.

Here's hoping.

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